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carlo nobili is configured as a reality of skilful industrial culture and “technological craftsmanship”, operating from three generations in the sector of windows and facade systems according to the entrepreneurial philosophy aimed at the union between experience and innovation.

The operation of carlo nobili, active in Italy and abroad, it emerges through the establishment of a team of technical designers capable of developing envelope solutions (windows, curtain walls and cladding) for multiple levels of size, complexity and application specificity, with reference to the various destinations of use and use of buildings (residential, tertiary and industrial).

Company ability is determined according to the propensity for technical-scientific study, experimentation and modeling (using computer technologies and cutting-edge devices) of the systems and components of the building envelope, based on a strategic correlation between the analysis, design and implementation through its own production unit (inside the headquarters). The operational structure is characterized by the originality and ingenuity typical of the artisan action, demonstrating the constant acquisition of knowledge and procedures (management, processing, execution) characteristic of the evolved type scenario. Then, the company ability takes place in a synergistic form with respect to the collaboration and specialist contributions relating to research, production and consultancy realities of recognized international charactere.
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operating methodology

Technical-executive design

The elaboration of the doors and windows, the façade and cladding systems takes place through the executive design procedures carried out using cutting-edge IT devices and software, under the expert guidance of the company’s technical skills. The design activity assumes all the typological and functional needs of the customer and of the specific case, providing for the complete management of the order (with the help of the software for the development, for the development of the estimates up to the transfer to the machining of the machines).

"Energetic" design

The conception of the windows, facade and cladding systems is developed in accordance with the general and specific requirements of the project, for new construction or building redevelopment, with particular attention to thermal, lighting and energy requirements. The activity, carried out with the contribution of expert skills and computer devices (in accordance with the energy assessment of the building) includes: the identification of the physical performances relating to the frame profiles, the closing elements (in glass or opaque) and the connections with the structures and building works the functional calibration of the components with respect to the heating, ventilation and cooling systems.
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"Technological craftsmanship" and "light industrialization"

The activity of realization takes place inside the company workshop, according to the cultural orientation of the artisan knowledge and the methodology similar to the “light industrialization”.

The production is carried out with the aid of numerical control machines, managed by means of CAD-CAM system software which direct the results of the design elaboration directly towards the cutting and processing equipment inside the workshop.

Construction and executive professionalism

The company activity includes the complete management of the order, up to the construction of the construction site, followed by its technical management and its expert operators on assembly procedures.

The construction management is characterized by the high level of professionalism in carrying out the construction phases, offering a complete service with all the necessary certifications of correct installation, conformity, documentation and technical filing of the products.

... and a lot of passion

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Punctuality. Each order always respects the expected delivery times, thanks to skilful internal management of all stages of the process.

Precision. Our supply chain makes use of specialized technicians, with great experience, capable of maintaining a high quality standard.

Style. Our catalog offers innovative solutions, for all tastes, with the possibility of customizing the finishes of the window.

since 1967

carlo nobili boasts decades of experience in the construction sector, with high specialization in the production of aluminum windows, doors and curtain walls for the entire Milan and Lombardy area, in Italy and around the world.

Artisan attention to detail, high competence and continuous technological evolution characterize the company, which directly takes care of the design, production and application of Schüco aluminum windows, with complete pre- and post-sales consultancy. Each process is made to measure, with the possibility of combining shutters, rolling shutters and other accessories made by the same technicians with the window. The carlo nobili solutions are ideal for energy retrofitting of buildings, for prestigious renovations and for the new buildings.