progettazione serramenti profili schuco

we translate the customer's needs
into architecture and technology

The design process starts from the analysis of the customer’s needs, from the technical and aesthetic needs, from the performance that the components must guarantee and from a necessary technical-economic evaluation.

The approval by the client and therefore the assignment of the work trigger the realization process.

The executive design is performed after the necessary on-site surveys carried out with modern measuring instruments that autonomously digitize the measurements made, under the constant control of the operator.

A highly specialized team of designers and technicians analyzes and cross-references data and needs in order to draw up a detailed executive project.

Each project is unique, both the large-scale creation of facades and coating, and the single window, each creation is treated at a sartorial level.

Drawings are produced and the client is involved in every phase of drafting the project.

With the aid of CAD programs, modeling programs and technical programs, the orders are developed and then shared with the production department.

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