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The house is a primary asset and in the course of life it often happens that you want to improve your housing situation; construction of a new house, a new commercial or production space but also renovations or arrangements.

The decisions you face are many and sometimes difficult. In order to avoid waste, financial and time, it is important to rely on competent people who know how to understand the needs and translate them into practice.
The technician, whether he is an architect or a surveyor, is a director who with his own skills knows how to manage the entire construction process, from information of a regulatory nature and develops the actual project.

However, it is necessary to go into details and this is where carlo nobili, with his experience and know-how can help to understand the world of doors and windows.

The type of material is fundamental: we are manufacturers of windows and doors and components in aluminum and metallic materials, we know what we are dealing with and we made a non-random choice.

Aluminum window technology is undoubtedly the most technologically advanced, it achieves unmatched thermal and acoustic insulation values, especially if analyzed along the entire useful life of the window which cannot and must not be a short period.

Today’s performance will be what it will be twenty years from now, contrary to the performance of other materials.

The technology of the aluminum window and of the metal window in general makes it possible to cover considerable measurements in single mirrors, profiles reduced to a minimum such as the relationship between the profiles themselves and the glass.

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Furthermore, with automation, everything is easier with the freedom to move around the house without having to worry about opening and closing, thanks to linear motors positioned inside the design profiles.

The anti-burglary characteristics are another element to take into consideration when choosing, with the possibility of also having integrated sensors.

Glass with its own thermal performance, visual and luminous control currently represent one of the most delicate components so it is good to analyze the actual needs before making a choice.

The screens, whether they are shutters or sunscreens, perform the role of protection against atmospheric agents but must also regulate the light to make the environment more comfortable.

The staff carlo nobili will be able to give you all the useful advice to guide you in the world of windows and doors.

Our showroom designed to let you embark on an immersive experience will allow you to touch, evaluate the aesthetics and the most suitable colors for your new environment, understand the differences between the available products and perhaps make a comparison between those already seen in other realities.

It also wants to be a support to the designer to better explain the design choices to his client.

Only after having clear your needs can you ask for a cost estimate so that you can evaluate and plan your choices.

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