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SMART Building and SMART Home

Home automation is the ability to control your home automatically or manually with simple commands and instructions.

How nice would it be to wake up in the morning with the natural light of a beautiful spring day, without an alarm clock and immediately change the air naturally and without having to go around all the windows of the house?

How nice it would be to enter the office in the morning with fresh air after the windows have opened up and down at night and, when the air conditioning is off, they have brought fresh air into the room and expelled stale air .

All this is the future but with us it is already reality.

A command for a domotic home could be: close everything (you are leaving the house and you want all the fixtures and lights to close and the alarm to be activated) or “I’m going on holiday” and the events you had pre-established occur.

An instruction or better a smart home automation could be: when the temperature or humidity reaches these parameters, do this, or, when it rains, do this. When the sun sets do these operations.

All these commands and automations are possible scenarios with home automation, the limit is your imagination.

carlo nobili can help you to have these comforts both at home and at work, directing you to understand your needs and interfacing with your technicians and plant engineers, can help you choose the best technology suited to your needs.
Digitization is transforming our world, even your home. If you don’t want your new home to be an obsolete home, discover the innovative solutions that carlo nobili has designed for you. They make your daily life easier, more comfortable and more efficient, at the same time they protect your health and your home and keep the value of the property high over time.
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Electric shutters

One of the most common cases, but also the most practical! Possibility of opening and closing in complete comfort, both one and all the shutters simultaneously in an automatic way.

Armored doors

The lock can automatically close or open, and you can know at any time and in any place whether the door is open or closed. It is possible to motorise not only the lock but also the entire door; so when you get home with only your smartphone in your pocket you can enter without even touching the door.

Casement windows

Even the windows can open automatically. An example is the vasistas opening to change the air throughout the house thanks to a CO2 sensor that opens automatically if there are adequate safety parameters. Another daily situation may concern the bathroom: after using the shower, the window opens to ensure correct ventilation and prevent the onset of mould, but after a few minutes or if it starts to rain, the window closes again.

Sliding windows

With home automation, opening the large windows is no longer a problem thanks to a motor that is hidden in the profile; they will seem very light even having heavy weights. You can also program automatic opening at a certain time; as in the morning, also favoring a pleasant awakening.


It is possible to manage the natural heat input of the sun according to the season, the temperature and the weather. Even being away from home in winter it is possible to control solar gain and save on heating, in summer it is possible to control radiation, avoid overheating and spend less on air conditioning. The house will self-regulate for better efficiency and greater safety thanks to sensors and cameras.

Bioclimatic pergolas

The slats that regulate the “bioclimate” of these pergolas can be controlled automatically depending on the weather conditions or the presence or absence of people, an air, water and wind sensor will manage the opening and inclination.

Mosquito nets

If mosquitoes are a nuisance, the solution is to keep the mosquito nets down and only during the hours you use them. At the moment of passage, the mosquito net retracts to the side and closes again.

Sistemi di aereazione

Ventilation solutions improve energy efficiency and home safety, protect the building and ensure a healthy and comfortable environment. Communication between exterior doors and access control improve home security. The control possibilities via the app make everything easy and intuitive. The timeless design and high quality of our systems offer customers and planners unlimited possibilities. The air exchange can be programmed and established without having to open the windows: through an exchanger the cold air that you introduce into the room will be mitigated by the heat of the air that you expel from the room, you can have the air exchange without having to cool environments in winter and heat your environment in summer.

Garage doors, roof windows, shutters and shutters, railings

They can be integrated into home automation, setting openings and closings at pre-established times; in comfort.

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