We create industrial gates and closures, aluminum and steel gates, for every need:

portoni industriali in alluminio

Aluminum Gates

The construction of gate and window frames of large spans consists of extruded profiles in A.A. aluminum alloy. 6060 (UNI 9006/1).

This technology allows the construction of sliding, swing, folding gates with or without floor guide (depending on the number of leaves and the type of folding), with folding of the leaves on one or both sides and with their overturning up to at 180°, with mounting in light out of light, with manual or motorized opening.

The air and water tightness is achieved through the use of EPDM gaskets and special brushes.

The infill of the mirrors is made with paneling or glass whether you use the profiles to insert or those with glazing beads (snap or screw); the presence of the double European chamber allows the insertion of a glazing bead also towards the outside with the aim of centering any infill of reduced thickness in the profile.

The limits of use, taking into account the many construction types, are determined by the permissible load rather than referring to the maximum achievable dimensions.

Steel Gates

Steel folding gates are particularly suitable as closures, for example for warehouses, garages and maintenance shops, industrial buildings, car showrooms.

Of variable appearance, paneled or glazed, in the full surface version or with windows.

With double-walled execution in galvanized and pre-painted sheet metal (Sp 8/10) with use of sandwich panel and interposed polyurethane foam, free of CFCs with high insulating value.

Versions available on request with wicket door, divided wicket door or with side door with identical appearance.

Recommended especially against burglary and break-ins.
With the external application it is possible to exploit the entire space inside the shed, therefore no valuable useful space will be lost either laterally, or in the lintel area, or under the roof.

The gates placed laterally significantly reduce the risk of damage to the gate during the transit of vehicles, because they are under complete visual control of the driver. If the lateral space beyond the light is sufficient, the entire width of the passage can also be exploited.

The steel folding gates are produced according to the most advanced technology and comply with the high safety requirements of the UNI EN 12604 project standard and in the motorized version UNI EN 12453.

Resistant products, studied and tested down to the smallest detail, suitable for every need and designed to last over time.

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