minimal Windows

l'azienda carlo nobili

Windows that are not seen
in aluminum for residential and commercial use

Only with the use of metal systems with thermal break and coupling with glass can solutions of extreme transparency and brightness be obtained without losing the excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

The genius Ludwig Mies van der Rohe used the principle of “less is more” as the foundation of a new architecture, an architecture that no longer looked at the glitz and complexity but at the achievement of something good but simple, our philosophy and our work exemplifies the concept of “less is more”.

The vast range of our knowledge allows us to identify external frame profiles reduced to the essentials and allow us to reach maximum capacities and maximum dimensions with an exceptional and unparalleled transparency ratio, particular solutions in aluminum have the retractable door, the possibility of embedding in the lateral masonry, concealed solutions that camouflage the structure of the building, maximizing the glass surface and brightness of the interiors.

serramento scorrevole minimale

Hinged windows

The Block System swing system creates an elegant design with maximum brightness. The door is concealed in the frame and has a width starting from 67 mm, while still maintaining the highest standards of thermal insulation. This provides the window with lightness and an extremely compact structure with an exclusive design.

The main features of a Minimal Design window are:

  • Maximum glazed surface and retractable doors;
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Design freedom thanks to different opening systems;
  • Zero level threshold;
  • Barrier-free features allow for unhindered movement. The window has different opening systems, is easy to use and has a zero level threshold, meeting all needs in terms of comfort, design and safety.

Tailored solutions

Each project is unique. The study of aesthetic, environmental, luminosity and static needs means that each solution is created specifically like a tailor creates the suit of a unique customer.

Sliding windows

We use Schüco Panorama Design (PD) sliding systems as they are high-quality architectural elements suitable for creating light-flooded rooms and offer maximum design freedom for each specific project.

The characteristics of the various profiles available offer solutions suitable for satisfying the widest range of thermal insulation needs, from the non-insulated profile to thermal insulation at passive house level with the Schüco series ASS 67 PD.SI. and ASS 77 PD.SI.

The drive and closing technology integrated in the sliding profiles allow for convenient opening and closing of the sash, both fully automatically and manually.

A variety of further functions are available for connection to the building’s smart home system and management system.

As with the swing systems, solutions are also available for the sliding systems to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility through the use of a zero level threshold.

The external frames can be completely integrated into the wall and the opening part of only 30mm can be completely hidden in the frame, only the central element remains visible; the system therefore offers a high percentage of glass with maximum transparency.

The main features of a sliding window with a Minimal Design are:

  • Possibility of covering large glazed surfaces
  • Low rails and running profiles that completely disappear into the hidden outer frame
  • Maximization of the glass-frame ratio.
  • Modular range of construction options for multiple varieties and types.

... and a lot of passion