doors and windows residential

We produce architectural windows and doors, supporting professionals and customers in dealing with the aspects of their projects:

  • Technical-Executive Design
  • Energy Design
  • Technological Craftsmanship
  • Construction and Executive Professionalism
The activity of carlo nobili concerns the design, construction and application of the types of windows with frames in aluminum and aluminium-wood profiles, according to multiple formal expressions and on the basis of the main cutting techniques, mechanical and hygrometric resistance, water and air tightness, durability and maintainability.
The types of frames, studied by its own technical office or elaborated in collaboration with skills and companies with a recognized presence in the sector, are specified with respect to the performance calculation with respect to energy needs and consumption reduction, for the intervention both towards the new building and towards building renovation.
hinged, sliding, automated and burglar-proof
alluminium verandas
The operation of carlo nobili focuses on every functional and executive aspect of the windows (which can be made according to main opening methods), in compliance with the specific situations: these refer both to the formal requests of the customer and to the particular application situations and intended use.
The technical and production elaboration also includes the complementary works to the frames, such as the connection interfaces to the structures, the sills, the lateral abutments, the shielding devices and the accessories.
aluminum doors and
wooden doors
in aluminum or armored
rolling shutters, blinds and shutters, sectional protection railings
parapets and canopies