Roller shutters

- in extruded aluminum, medium and high density and PVC

The rolling shutters selected by carlo nobili are manual or equipped with a motor installed inside the enveloping tube, equipped with electronic limit switch that solves problems in the event of a power failure with the possibility of adjustable rods and able to offer high safety.

tapparelle manuali ed elettriche
persiane e oscuranti

Blinds and shutters

- blinds and shutters to regulate light and privacy

“Classic” shutter with clean and balanced lines, ideal for many architectural contexts. To satisfy the most varied municipal regulations, particular variants have been created, all generated from the basic shape.

Dark for those who love to darken the habitat without compromise and with an excellent aesthetic impact. Particularly its use in mountain areas if combined with “wood effects” Available in the classic, “smooth” version, or with shaped vertical slats.

The Scuretto can be applied to windows and French doors with more complex openings such as the Linea Libro. Aesthetically identical to the Dark Line in the two versions: classic and with shaped vertical slats.


- deterrent bars for ill-intentioned people

Home safety is a key element. The railings represent an additional protection compared to the windows.

carlo nobili makes steel security grates with simple hinges, with one or two joints and sliding elements security system that is always up-to-date and updated according to the need, the architectural aspect and the degree of safety to be achieved.

frangisole e oscuranti

Blackout curtains

- blinds for sun protection

Protecting the environment from direct sunlight using a GRIESSER sunscreen system or using automated and correctly controlled technical blinds prevents overheating of the rooms by promoting cooling with energy savings; it also avoids glare especially in the workplace.

The quality of the shading systems offers the right sun protection and the utmost in terms of comfort.

Sectional gates

- aluminum garage doors

Sectional doors open vertically by sliding upwards and positioned on the ceiling, parallel to the roof of the garage, saving space.

Thanks to their structure, they offer maximum space both inside the garage and outside, leaving the entire passage free.

portoni sezionali


- steel and glass parapets

Essentiality, architecture, durability and safety thanks to the ease of adaptation and configuration according to project requirements.

The system can be applied to various architectural contexts (indoors and outdoors), such as balconies, parapets, terraces, corridors, stairs, and so on. In all cases it guarantees durability, resistance and inalterability to atmospheric agents.

The components are made from extruded aluminum or steel profiles with the possibility of inserting sheets of laminated glass.


- aluminum, steel and glass, architectural shelters

carlo nobili offers canopies in aluminum and glass, canopies in steel with tie rods, canopies in iron.

Each realization constitutes a work in its own right; for this reason we have the ability to build canopies to design to adapt our production to the particular needs of each customer.

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