We produce, market and install aluminum and armored doors for residential use:

Aluminum gates

- aluminum structures for entrance doors

carlo nobili designs and manufactures doors with aluminum profile frames according to multiple expressions and on the basis of the main thermal break techniques, mechanical and hygrometric resistance, water and air tightness, durability and maintainability.

The types of doors are designed directly by its technical office or elaborated in collaboration with skills and companies with a recognized presence in the sector, they are specified with respect to the performance calculation with respect to energy needs and consumption reduction, for the intervention both towards the new construction and towards building renovation.

The operation of carlo nobili focuses on every functional and executive aspect, in accordance with specific situations : these refer both to the formal requests of the customer and to the particular application situations and intended use.

The technical and production elaboration also includes the accessories integrated into the doors such as locks, electronic release devices, environmental monitoring and access control.

For carlo nobili it is the door that represents the main element that distinguishes every home and that is why particular attention must be paid so that each single piece represents an exclusive and individual character. Tested technologies are combined with project design elements so as to create personalized doors but with every guarantee of performance in terms of energy and durability.

porta blindata

Armored gates

- commercialization and installation of armored gates

carlo nobili markets and installs armored doors using the experience and expertise of leading manufacturers. In the warehouse we have counterframes of standard sizes for prompt delivery, we have the ability to take measurements on site and supply made-to-measure doors.

Class 2 armored doors

Resistance to external attacks with simple tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, wedges or similar.

Armored doors belonging to this class are tested by trying to force the lock.

Class 3 armored doors

Armored doors belonging to this class are put to the test by trying to force the lock and trying to unhinge them using levers.

Class 4 armored doors

Provides protection against burglars equipped with hand and power tools.

The armored doors belonging to this class are tested by trying to force them and break them even with levers and through shots, tools and perforations.